A Universe of Stories

Kurinji tells new Australian stories that are both epic and intimate, global and communal. Our productions are multi-sensory and immerse our audiences into other worlds. Whether it be theatre, film, music or interdisciplinary art, all of our work features new, original writing, music and design.


S. Shakthidharan

Founder and Artistic Director

Shakthi is a western Sydney storyteller with Sri Lankan heritage and Tamil ancestry. He’s a writer, director and producer of theatre and film, and composer of original music. Shakthi was the inaugural Associate Artist at Carriageworks and is the recipient of both the Phillip Parson’s and Kirk Robson awards. His most recent play 'Counting and Cracking' with Belvoir and Co-Curious received community, commercial and critical acclaim at the 2019 Sydney and Adelaide Festivals and won 7 Helpmann Awards. Shakthi is the Artistic Lead at Co-Curious was Founder and Artistic Director of community arts company CuriousWorks from 2003-2018.

Aimée Falzon

Founder and Lead Artist

Aimée is a western Sydney storyteller with Maltese heritage. She's a singer, composer, actor, visual artist and production designer. Project highlights include 'Laka', a multi-platform film and VR project touring around the world, from Brewarrina to Los Angeles; and 'Rizzy’s 18th Birthday Party', which premiered at Carriageworks in 2014 and was adapted into feature film 'Riz' for the 2015 Sydney Film Festival, both with CuriousWorks. In her previous life as a community artist she worked regularly with a range of youth theatre companies across western Sydney, including two years as Artistic Director of Ashfield Youth Theatre.

宿 (stay)

Storytelling and Music

A collaboration with Singaporean artists/musicians, SAtheCollective, 宿 (stay) is drawn from the real life experiences of the collaborating artists. The work contrasts dense, urban Singapore with vast, remote Australia, investigating the underlying environmental and economic systems that bind these two seemingly different worlds. A new commission from the Sydney International Arts Festival.


A Universe of Stories

Colony tells the story of one family line over thousands of years. It’s a universe of stories with its heart in Western Sydney, Australia. This epic narrative links together characters, locations, themes and storylines from across a number of artistic productions. Those productions stretch from pre-colonial times to the 22nd century, and will be released over several years. Originally produced by CuriousWorks.



A mother, in a time of war. She loses members of her family, one after the other – but she never loses hope. The Jungle and the Sea leans on two great pillars of literature – Antigone and the Mahābhārata – to forge a new story about surviving loss and the possibility of reconciliation. A new play with Belvoir, written by S. Shakthidharan. Co-Produced with Lingalayam Dance Company.


Music and Storytelling

She Rested is an intimate, one-woman, symphony-story. It's about the deeply profound and very ordinary experience of Aimée's six day labour, birth and submersion into motherhood. Set in an immersive, dark, 360-degree womb-like space, audiences are invited to curl-up comfortably, rest, listen through headphones and be a tender captive. Currently in development.


Outdoor Deep Listening

A deep listening experience setting interviews with Sri Lankan refugees to a sixty minute score. Listened to on headphones whilst floating on a river or sitting on a river bank, surrounded by multi-channel projection, sculpture, cinnamon and fire. Premiered at Sydney's Parramasala in 2011, toured to Tasmania’s Ten Days on the Island in 2013 and Melbourne's Footscray Community Arts Centre in 2014.


Music + Multi-Channel Film

A story of young men and betrayal of friendship while growing up on the streets of western Sydney. Riz premiered as a multi-channel audiovisual work at Carriageworks in 2014 and was then adapted into a feature film that premiered at Sydney Film Festival in 2015.


Visually it is a feast as the films are cinematically beautiful and the score, performed live at the launch, was exceptional.


So much is left unsaid, replaced by tone and feeling, all set to powerful music performed live (by Kurinji) – channeling a melancholic Kate Bush or Björk-esque atmosphere into proceedings... The overall experience was hypnotically intriguing, luring you in and then ending sharply, to leave you dying to know more about this cryptic, dystopian world.

It began with a lone voice. Aimée Falzon, seated at her keyboard, gradually looped her voice into an impressive one-woman symphony…. this turned what could have been just a film-screening into something more intimate and special.

Vocalist Aimée Falzon recalls the singing of Sarah McLachlan and Róisín Murphy.

Gut wrenching. The music just takes you in there. So incredible. My heart… I don’t know how to feel. So beautiful. From the first few moments it took my breath away. A sensory delight; informative, dream-like and profoundly moving. Thank you! I was so moved by the whole experience… Thank you for putting together such a sensory odyssey.