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Wednesday, 15th July 2020

Dear Friends,

A small but important announcement from our little corner of the world.

From today, Kurinji is the place to follow music, theatre and film made by myself and/or my regular collaborator in arms, Aimée Falzon

If you’re interested in what will follow Counting and Cracking, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some exciting projects in development, including a theatre collaboration with Singaporean musicians SAtheCollective, commissioned by Sydney Festival, a feature film mixing drama and dance with Felix Media, more groundbreaking, epic plays with Belvoir and even a gigantic near future, immersive online world – just in case this vaccine takes a few years longer to figure out than we’d like it to…

In 2018, after 15 years at its helm, I stepped back from CuriousWorks – as the company turned to focus on grassroots community arts. At the same time we founded Co-Curious, to focus on using community arts methodologies in high profile theatre and film. I still spend time at Co-Curious, supporting creators of diverse backgrounds on their own projects. I do this work now at Belvoir too.  

But there was still no home for the work that I personally write, compose, direct, initiate…

Kurinji completes this transition, and will be where I continue to develop and release my own work, separate from CuriousWorks and Co-Curious. 

Kurinji’s work straddles the intimate and epic, the personal and political, the communal and global. Many of our stories feature interconnected characters, locations and events. Project by project, we are building through our collective work an alternative history of Australia, particularly its relationship to Asia. You can explore further on this website.

As I said, small news in these crazy times. But important for our little corner of it. 

I look forward to taking this next stage of the journey with you. 🙂

– Shakthi

Header image by Brett Boardman, from Counting and Cracking at Sydney Festival courtesy of Belvoir.