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Lush, immersive and reflective, The Other Journey EP casts four beautiful songs that will take you across the face of the world and back home again. It accompanies The Other Journey outdoor artwork.

The EP’s downtempo, global sound is inspired by the personal reflections of families that fled Sri Lanka’s civil war in the ’90s and ’00s and built a new life for themselves in Sydney, Australia.

The opening Sea Song tells of a watery voyage and submersion; Sky Song wonders at the children and what they’ll remember; Sun Song celebrates the joy of being smitten by a new country; and Dust speaks of acceptance – of finally finding the space to grieve for those who were lost along the way.

Kurinji’s debut release also marks the arrival of the remarkable Aimée Falzon – her gorgeous vocals call out across Shakthi’s evocative sound beds, wrapping the listener up in a warm, silken embrace.


The Riz EP explores the nature of friendship, betrayal and forgiveness through a series of songs drawn from the film’s soundtrack. 

Right Right celebrates the strength of community; Maybe the Medicine proclaims the need to fight back; How they Break Apart mourns the loss of friendship stronger than family. The album features the looped vocal harmonies of Aimée Falzon, soaring over a bed of infused indie pop, electronica and rock.

Inspired by true events, Riz is an iconic coming of age story set in Western Sydney, Australia, produced by CuriousWorks. It first screened in 2014 as an audiovisual artwork at Carriageworks and then premiered as a feature film at the 2015 Sydney International Film Festival.


Riz – Music from the Motion Picture