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宿 (STAY)

“Three strands of narrative, each extending over 100 years, slowly come together in 宿(stay) to create a rich, complex and, for the creators, personal story. It is told through dance, music, film, storytelling and drama and the overall effect is very powerful.”
The Australian

Part concert, part story, part ceremony. When two skeletons are discovered in the dried-up creek bed of a remote Queensland farm, the fates of three women – thousands of kilometres apart – become deeply intertwined. From a densely packed Singapore housing block to the vast Tagalaka country of outback Australia, 宿 (stay) delicately unearths buried trauma and fragile connections that lie at the heart of contemporary life. A hauntingly beautiful blend of music, dance, film, design and dialogue, 宿 (stay) is built on the real-life experiences of the artists. 

written by S. Shakthidharan
Music composed by SAtheCollective and co-composed by Kurinji
宿(stay) premiered at Sydney Festival in January 2022
Presented by Sydney Festival and OzAsia Festival

Images by Alex Vaughan and Jacquie Manning 


It began as a friendship: between two families, from Singapore and Australia. 

What we had in common was our art. Our music. Our storytelling traditions that remained unbroken. 

What was different were the spaces we had grown up in. The Australians were innately familiar with travelling across this vast continent for days, under an endless sky. The Singaporeans were more familiar with a life lived in proximity to everything they needed. Some of them have never properly seen the stars.

This is a personal work for us. For some in the ensemble, it is a story inspired by their own lives. For others, in its blend of music, dance, film, design and dialogue, it is an act of love. A way for us to find a form of theatre that springs from the ancient, interdisciplinary art forms our households are filled with – and yet speaks to who we are here, and now. 

We know the story of more. It is the story of the quest. Of finding treasure, finding love, of finding the new.

But what is the story of less? Of noticing what was always there? Should we, will we, can we, ever learn that where we already live, what we already have, who we already are – is enough?

This show is a first, gentle step towards finding out.


Sydney Festival and OzAsia Festival in association with Kurinji and SAtheCollective present
宿 (stay)

Music composed by SAtheCollective and Kurinji

Associate Writers: Aimée Falzon, Jasmin Sheppard, Natalie Alexandra Tse

Supported by:
Australia: Australia Council for the Arts; Create NSW; and The Australian Government’s International
Cultural Diplomacy Arts Fund (ICDAF) Program
Singapore: National Arts Council, Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth

Kurinji (Sydney)

Writer/Director S. Shakthidharan

Performers: Aimée Falzon (Thwayya, Selene; Vocalist, Piano); Jasmin Sheppard (Violet, Daisy; Dancer/Clapsticks); Charles Wu (An Hoo; Vocalist/Guitar/Bass)

Set & Costume Design: Dale Ferguson
Lighting Design: Karen Norris 
AV Design/Operator: Elias Nohra 
Movement Director: Jasmin Sheppard
Production Manager: Barry Searle 
Stage Manager: Jen Jackson 
Producer: Fenn Gordon for Tandem

Thank you:
Wesley Enoch, Louise Gough and Shakira Clanton.

SAtheCollective (Singapore)

Co-artistic Director / Producer / Music Director – Andy Chia
Assistant Producer / Production Stage Manager – Chong Jeannette 
Dramaturg – Felipe Cervera

Performers: Andy Chia (An Hoo, Uncle; Flutes, Vocals), Natalie Alexandra Tse (Tsuet-Cheng; Guzheng), Govin Tan (Desmond;  Drums, Percussion, Tabla), Vick Low (Victor; Cello)

Audio Recording and Mixing – Dirk Stromberg
Sound Recording Assistant – Daryl Michael
Sound Assistant – Titus Lemuel
Sound Assistant – Ernst Chua
Assistant Stage Manager – Cindy Sng

 A Potocol 2021 Film (Singapore)

Film Producer – Jeremy Chua (Potocol Pte Ltd)
Film Assistant Producer / Unit Production Manager – Sam Chua Weishi (Potocol Pte Ltd)
Film Production Coordinator – Pek Jia Hao (Potocol Pte Ltd)

Film Director – Giselle Lin
Director of Photography – Clyde Kam

A Cam 1st Assistant Camera – Harris Saifudin
B Cam Operator – Leong Wei Ching
B Cam 1st Assistant Camera – Regine Yeow
Data Wrangler – Ernest Lee
Gaffer – Song Zhi Yi (Dan)
Grip – Afiq Aris
2nd Assistant Camera / Grip – Harrison Bo Born
Location Sound Recordist – Nikki Koh
Assistant Director – Faraz
Art Director – Javeus Toh
Art Assistant – Cheery Ng
Editor – Shannen Mok

Film Special Thanks:
Equipment – True Colour Media Pte Ltd
Location – Gateway Arts and Gateway Theatre 
Costume Styling – The Supper House – Ashley Chiam
Makeup – Tinoq Russell Goh using MAC Cosmetics & HABA Skincare
Hair – Dylan Chan using Virtue Labs


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